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About Taint'd Love

Taint'd Love is chamois cream infused with CBD and arnica which are both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving. It has all the characteristics of existing chamois creams currently available, such as being anti-chafing and anti-microbial, but Tain't Love also significantly reduces "saddle soreness" caused by sitting on a bike seat for prolonged periods of time. We have also added vitamins A and E to promote healthy skin and a light peppermint scent to keep that taint area or your bike shorts smelling fresh even after a long ride. It is 100% all natural and manufactured following the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices. 


We created Taint'd Love because "saddle soreness" or the soreness caused by longer periods of time sitting on a bike seat to the perineum or "taint area," is a major barrier to entry for many who are just getting onto bikes of all sorts. Even avid cyclists whose taints have become accustomed to a bike seat still experience soreness at the beginning of the riding season or after long rides. Regardless of your biking experience, toughening the taint is just simply not a fun experience. 


While the idea for Taint'd Love came from the collectively sore grundles of a group of cyclists and the complaints we got from friends and family members when we tried to share our passion with them, we didn't start cooking up taint cream in our kitchens. We partnered with an industry-leading cosmetic and cream research and development lab that specializes in all-natural and CBC products. We field-tested many iterations of the formula over the course of two years until we felt confident it had been perfected.