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Every summer, cyclists from around the world gather for a unique and exhilarating adventure known as RAGBRAI. Short for the "Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa," this iconic event is a week-long cycling journey through the beautiful landscapes, charming towns, and friendly communities of the Hawkeye State. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of RAGBRAI, exploring its history, what to expect, and why it's become a must-do experience for cyclists and adventurers alike.

The History of RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI was born in 1973 when two Des Moines Register columnists, John Karras and Donald Kaul, decided to organize a bike ride across Iowa. They wanted to prove that Iowa was more than just cornfields and to encourage healthy, active lifestyles. Little did they know that their idea would evolve into the world's largest and longest recreational bicycle touring event.

The Route

The route for RAGBRAI changes each year, ensuring that participants get to explore different parts of Iowa. The chosen towns for overnight stops also vary, but the event consistently spans the width of Iowa, usually starting in the western part of the state and ending in the east. Cyclists can expect to cover approximately 400 to 500 miles over the course of a week, making it a challenging yet rewarding experience.

What to Expect

  1. A Diverse Community: RAGBRAI is not just for experienced cyclists. Riders of all ages and skill levels take part, from novices to seasoned pros. This diverse community of cyclists creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

  2. Scenic Beauty: Iowa may not be known for its mountains or oceans, but it offers a unique beauty of its own. Riders will encounter rolling hills, picturesque farms, charming small towns, and the tranquility of the countryside.

  3. Hospitality: One of the standout features of RAGBRAI is the warm hospitality of Iowa's residents. Local communities open their doors to riders, offering food, beverages, and even places to rest. It's common for homeowners to set up "water stops" in their front yards to provide refreshments and encouragement.

  4. Entertainment: Each overnight town on the route hosts a variety of entertainment options, including live music, food vendors, and local attractions. It's an opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of Iowa.

  5. Delicious Food: Iowa is known for its delicious food, and RAGBRAI riders have the chance to sample some of the state's culinary delights. From pork tenderloin sandwiches to sweet corn on the cob, there's no shortage of mouthwatering options.

  6. SAG Support: RAGBRAI offers "SAG" (Support and Gear) services to assist cyclists in case of emergencies or mechanical issues. This ensures that riders can focus on enjoying the journey without worrying about logistical challenges.


RAGBRAI is more than just a bike ride; it's a celebration of community, cycling, and the spirit of adventure. Here are a few reasons why cyclists and adventure enthusiasts should consider participating:

  1. Unforgettable Memories: The combination of scenic beauty, camaraderie, and unique experiences creates lasting memories that participants cherish for a lifetime.

  2. Personal Challenge: Completing RAGBRAI is a significant personal achievement, pushing riders beyond their comfort zones and testing their endurance.

  3. Supportive Community: The RAGBRAI community is incredibly supportive, with riders encouraging each other every step of the way.

  4. Discover Iowa: RAGBRAI is an excellent way to explore Iowa's hidden gems, from its vibrant downtowns to its serene countryside.


RAGBRAI is much more than a bike ride; it's an adventure that showcases the heart and soul of Iowa. Whether you're an avid cyclist or someone looking for a unique experience, this iconic event offers the perfect opportunity to explore Iowa's beauty, hospitality, and sense of community. So, hop on your bike and join the ranks of those who have pedaled across Iowa on the ultimate cycling adventure.

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